Can I try the service for free?

WiXLu gives you the flexibility of conducting a test campaign for a fortnight at no cost. This option applies to campaigns that already have a set of procedures and established work processes that are ready to be implemented. WiXLu charges a modest set-up fee for campaigns that require customized or development of a fresh work process. Contact or your Work Process Advisor today.

Where is WiXLu located?

UK Headquarters
WiXLu Limited
32 Sunset Avenue, North Chingford
London E47LW
CRN# 09884153

Cebu Outsourcing Facility
WiXLu, Inc.
Unit 1704 Tower 2, Winland Towers
J. Osmeña Extension, Brgy. Camputhaw
Cebu City Philippines 6000

Is there a minimum set of hours if I sign up for any one service?

There is no minimum set of hours when you sign up for any of our services. We have made our solution so flexible that you can utilise WiXLu services on-demand. However, we highly recommend that you take advantage of at least 40 hours of production available to you during the trial period to ensure your experience reflects full-time equivalent. Doing so will give you a more accurate assessment of your peak and lean hour requirements on a day-to-day basis even before your campaign rolls out. WiXLu only bills you for actual hours worked.

Does WiXLu have a contract?

Yes. We execute a service contract outlining our scope of work and service level commitments to all our clients, to ensure you get what you pay for at all times.

How does WiXLu protect sensitive data?

WiXLu’s commitment to secure client data is backed up by our Google cloud service provider’s environment. Our clients also have their own web-based applications or business process systems in place. WiXLu uses strong encryption software to ensure permission options are in place both on-site and online.

How do I get started?

Starting is quick and easy for busy business owners. Simply Open a Ticket here and we will call you right away!

What are WiXLu’s fees?

Our fees are either flexible hourly rates, based on actual utilization or fixed monthly for dedicated, full-time equivalents.

How do I get billed?

WiXLu sends out weekly or monthly billings, depending on client preference.

How do I make payments?

Payments can be done conveniently thru PayPal or Electronic wire transfer to the WiXLu account provided in the Scope of Work

Which countries, languages does WiXLu support?

WiXLu serves clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. Our primary language is British and American English. We have access to multilingual support staff as needed by our clients.

Is there an activation fee?

WiXLu charges a small one-time campaign set-up fee for associated administrative and IT costs.

I am totally new to this. Does WiXLu have a fixed work process or tools to help me get started?

WiXLu developed its own standard business process model for e-commerce, research and writing projects. These are templates that can help you get your first outsourced project off the ground in a few hours. We also created an Outsourcing ToolKit that organizes your tasks prior to making a decision to outsource one or more of your business processes to WiXLu.

Does WiXLu have client references?

We’re more than happy to share our client references. You may request for a list of references by Opening a Ticket.

Does WiXLu have case studies?

We’re more than happy to share our case studies with you. Please send us an email or Open a Ticket and let us know about your specific industry and your requirement.

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