Lead Generation

Some of the business owners got confused between Lead Generation and List Building as they somehow have the same meaning. There are Lead Generations where we need to use our voice to qualify the leads, and it is the most used in strategic sales and marketing that boost conversion rates throughout the sales process. However, the list-building is also called lead generation but more on the back-office support where specialists will collect and qualify the data from page to page across the internet with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies for security and privacy of each owner of the data. Talk to our team whether you require more sales leads or need to make better use of the business leads you already have. We can help you improve your B2B lead generation and/or list-building strategy.


WiXLu proven process to qualify sales leads that will help your company:

  • Focus on what you do best. By outsourcing your lead generation to us, you can take that one thing off your “to do” list. WiXLu helps companies to focus on developing its core business. Outsourcing integrates all the tasks that are not part of the company’s main line activity or core process. Let us handle the lead generation / list-building process as we are always able to scale to accomplish your company’s goals and in future business needs.
  • Cost-effective. We will help you spend less time on unproductive sales leads, and more time closing deals. Our lead generation team will do extra efforts to qualify business leads may be in voiced or list-building category so it may result in more efficient and effective appointment setting with a productive conversation with prospects.
  • ROI growth. As they say, better lead generation leads to better sales. We will deliver high-quality leads and get timely results to help you grow your business as we grow ours.


Learn why some of the businesses have chosen WiXLu to be their trusted lead generation partner.


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